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Thinking about winterizing your hot tub?  Think again.

Winter is the absolute best time to enjoy your hot tub.  If you have never experienced a hot tub in the winter we encourage you to do so.  Misconceptions that you will be freezing cold when you get out is a popular thought with people that have never experienced it.  The fact of it is that your body temperature rises to the temperature of the water and it is comfortable to get out and walk to your home with minimal chill.  With that being said, some of you will still think that you will not use your hot tub over the winter months.

Winterizing your hot tub is not at all recommended, and certainly DO NOT just drain your hot tub and think that it will be ok.  If you do either one of these options, you will likely have broken pipes, manifolds, filter housing, possible heater and pump damage.  Hot tubs have many flexible hoses running through them, they always have dips and turns and in some cases loops.  It is nearly impossible for anyone to get all of the water out of all of that plumbing.  We do recommend that if you are not going to use the hot tub that you turn down your heat on the tub, this will keep your electric bill much lower and you will use a lot less chemicals to keep it balanced. 

ALWAYS remember to check your hot tub weekly to be sure that its still running and your chemicals are balanced.  If your power goes out, once it comes back on...check your hot tub and make sure it is running and heating.

If the above information has not changed your mind then we'll probably see you in the spring when we're fixing your broken hot tub.  Hopefully you will take this warning seriously and you won't be spending your money on repairs.

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